Challenging Yoga Package

Do you absolutely love stretching and the way that Yoga makes you feel? We have 29 beautiful classes in this wholesome package for you to experience. Save 10% and buy the Challenging Yoga Package. Classes are designed for all levels.

Move through your day with awareness, focus and mindfulness. Whether you want to flow with ease, feel the power of your own body or find stillness in your breath, one body has a range of beginner to advanced classes to cater to whatever journey you’re experiencing throughout the day.

Receive the following benefits:

  • Yoga Workouts Reduce stress, feel an amazing calmness wash over you and a cleanse and restoration of your nervous system. The world feels so beautiful after a yoga class. The emphasis yoga places on being in the present moment can also helpĀ as you learn not to dwell on past events or anticipate the future. You will leave a yoga class feeling less stressed than when you started since yoga reduces cortisol levels.
  • Yoga Workouts Increase self confidence. You learn to accept your body as it is without judgment. Over time, this leads to feeling more comfortable in your own body, boosting your self-confidence.
  • Yoga Workouts Boosts heart health. It increases circulation and blood flow. For instance, a 2015 study found that a year of yoga improved cardiovascular risk factors like obesity and high blood pressure among older adults with metabolic syndrome.~
  • Yoga Workouts Improves Sleep. Many people who practice yoga report that it helps them to sleep better and a large body of scientific evidence supports this claim. In fact, a review of 49 studies involving more than 4,500 participants determined that mind-body practices like meditation or yoga can be beneficial to those with insomnia and other sleep disorders.*
  • Yoga Workouts Ease and Prevents Back Pain. Increased flexibility and strength can help prevent the causes of some types of back pain cause by everyday activities like driving, sitting at your desk which causes tightness throughout the body and spinal compression.
  • Yoga Workouts Supports Joint Health. The movements necessary for yoga are low-impact, allowing you to use your joints without injuring them. Yoga also helps strengthen the muscles around the joints, lessening their load.
  • Yoga Workouts Increase Flexibility, allowing you to have a great range of motion, stay mobile, and to participate in every day activities.
  • Yoga Workouts Improve Posture, Balance, and Coordination, building better body awareness.
  • Yoga Workouts Enhance the Mind-Body Connection and our One Body classes give excellent alignment cues to make sure you are practicing safe and in good alignment.

Click each class below to watch a sample and find out more about each class. Once you have purchased your package you will be able to view all your classes in your “My Classes” section for life. You can do your classes as much as you like.

PLEASE NOTE: One Package can be purchased at a time so that all your classes in that package will be allocated into your my classes section. You can then proceed to purchase another package in a separate transaction.



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Art of Vinyasa

ONE BODY36 students

Forgiveness Flow

ONE BODY17 students

Stretchy Flow

ONE BODY13 students

Mindful Moves

ONE BODY19 students

Nourishing Stretch

ONE BODY5 students

Stretch & Release

ONE BODY6 students

Mindful Movement

ONE BODY6 students

Twist & Revitalise

ONE BODY3 students

Yin Flow Like Water

ONE BODY21 students

Power legs & Core

ONE BODY5 students

Flow & Release

ONE BODY7 students

Flow with Ease

ONE BODY4 students

Free your Hips

ONE BODY11 students

Fun Fusion Flow

ONE BODY9 students

Feel Good Flow

ONE BODY8 students

New Horizons

ONE BODY2 students

Loving Kindness Flow

ONE BODY22 students

Splits Workshop

ONE BODY7 students

Slow Flow

ONE BODY2 students

Yin for Worry

ONE BODY11 students


ONE BODY8 students

Learn to Fly

ONE BODY4 students

Chaturanga Workshop

ONE BODY3 students

Twist & Tone

ONE BODY6 students

Funky Flow

ONE BODY18 students

Manifest & Mobilise

ONE BODY19 students
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