Powerful Pilates Package

Want a beautiful six pack or to strengthen core areas for a greater sense of wellbeing? We have 30 booty and core burning pilates classes for you so you can strengthen your arms, shoulders, core (abs), hips, bottom & thighs. Create a longer and leaner body with amazing pilates. Save 40% and buy the Powerful Pilates Package.

Click each class below to watch a sample and find out more about each class. Once you have purchased your package you will be able to view all your classes in your “My Classes” section for life. You can do your classes as much as you like.

$600 $360/One Time
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ONE BODY12 students

Upper Body Fusion

ONE BODY5 students

Work Your Body!

ONE BODY13 students

Upper Body & Abs

ONE BODY16 students

Tone & Stretch

ONE BODY25 students

Core Balance

ONE BODY3 students

Luscious Legs

ONE BODY4 students


ONE BODY5 students

Outer Thigh Burn

ONE BODY2 students

Pilates Basics

ONE BODY7 students

Ab’s of Steel

ONE BODY4 students


ONE BODY2 students


ONE BODY5 students


ONE BODY7 students

All Over Pilates

ONE BODY9 students

Full Body Pilates

ONE BODY10 students

Mat Pilates Basic

ONE BODY5 students

Mat Pilates Burst

ONE BODY2 students

Pilates Full Body

ONE BODY18 students

Pilates Body

ONE BODY3 students

Pilates Booty Burn

ONE BODY5 students

Abs & Glutes Burn

ONE BODY6 students
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