I want to be the best version of myself every single day. To achieve this I maintain an active lifestyle and have a passion for creating tasty, nutritional food. This helps me to maintain a healthy body and mind which in-turn enforces strong relationships with all those around me. I think this is key to having a fulfilling life. I found yoga at the young age of 14 and after my first class I was hooked. I found that yoga complimented my ballet training and I also loved the way it flowed like a ballet class while also having a strong disciplined foundation. After finishing up university I decided to become a yoga teacher. So I traveled by myself to India, the birth place of yoga, to study ashtanga and vinyasa yoga. Shortly after I finished my course I returned back to Canada and begun teaching right away. My yoga career really took off and I fell in love with teaching. I've been teaching yoga for over 10 years now and each year I get more inspired creating new flows and challenges for my students. I have now taught yoga globally and have had some pretty cool experiences with guest teaching at some pretty amazing places. Yoga has been the only constant in my life and always brings me back to a place of humility and compassion. I love sharing my passion for yoga with people by giving them a positive experience and I love making people smile and laugh bringing joy to their day! I love working out, walking my dog, connecting with people and nature. I love creating nutritious meals. I also love traveling because I love meeting new people and experiencing new culture I think its important to keep growing and expanding on your knowledge and travel is a great way to do that. I love to teaching because I love inspiring people helping them find the strength in their body. To me yoga is strength and if you've been to one of my classes you know! not just strength of body but strength of mind. Through building a strong body you start to build a strong mind by building confidence within. Mind set is so important and i always remind my students you can do it you've got this. I love making people smile giving them a positive experience while working their body's hard.
What motivates me to cherish my body and mind every day is knowing how much it does for me. My body is constantly working to support me so I love to care for it through exercise and kind, supportive thoughts. I teach my classes because I love to help people feel supported, healthy, strong, and worthy. Every day I write down one thing I'm grateful for that day before I go to bed. It always leaves me with a feeling of joy to end my day. My passion is to help people learn how to love themselves. I don't think it matters how fit or physically strong you are, or how picture-perfect your body looks (all those things tend to come as a bonus from pilates classes). The most important thing is how the class makes you feel. I love to teach people that they are worthy and they are enough, simply because they are themselves.
I spent my 20’s burning the candle at both ends and not treating my body with the respect it deserves. Now, well into my 30’s I’m feeling better than ever; when we are fit and well, we can thrive in every aspect of our lives. If I’m fortunate to make it to old age, I want to know that I’ve treated my body with the respect it deserves, and hopefully still feeling great and hitting the mat in my colourful activewear! I adore Pilates! It has completely transformed the way my body moves and feels, and I want to yell it from the hills so that everyone can feel the amazing benefits. Teaching brings me a lot of joy – being able to share my passion and know I’m helping others to feel great. What things do you do on a daily/weekly basis that truly give you joy: I’m very social but also love ‘me time’, and it builds me up and keeps me centred. Also, it may sound cliché, but I take notice and find joy in the little things - maybe it’s a pretty leaf on the path, or the way the light is falling on the wall in my bedroom when I wake up. I believe this conscious attention and gratitude is key to a more sustainable feelings of positivity. What is your main focus/passion in what you like to teach? I love the structure of Pilates, and my classes are mostly traditional mat work and highly technique-focused. I just love workings the abs, so you will always get plenty of that from my classes too!
We only get one body. I truly believe it’s important we look after it. I have had my struggles with mental health in my earlier years. I have always used nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, yoga & exercise to help my mind and body stay well. health is big a value if mine. Yoga is my passion in life. I love everything about it, I love the deeper aspects of the practise and the philosophy behind it mostly. Sharing the practise is a gift and something I always hope to do. Daily I like to do yoga, breathework & meditation, these things bring me joy & keep me humble & grateful. Spending time with my loved ones, going on walks in nature, swimming in the ocean, writing & reading books. It really is the little things which bring me the most joy. I like teaching the deeper more subtle practises like yin yoga, meditation, pranayama, pratyahara, mindfulness & yoga philosophy. I believe the deeper your practise gets the more subtle it becomes. I still love dynamic Asana practises, they can be a lot of fun to teach but what I love most about yoga goes far deeper than a strong Asana class or a fancy pose. I like guiding others on their journey inwards. I love helping others to remember that everything they’re searching for outside of themselves, they already behold within. I like watching someone’s life transform through the practise of yoga, or even just the blissed out grateful faces at the end.
Father to two beautiful souls, husband to cherished wife, breather of every breath. My internal mantra includes we have this one life, how can we cherish it more? I believe our journey into the heart and the overflow it creates shapes our world for us and those living around us. Heaven on earth is here and now. Self practise be it movement in any form - yoga, running, resistance, meditation, prayer Helps provides a platform for us to to dive deeper. All it takes is one breath to start to cherish and interact with these internal energies. When we cherish and raise the importance of our own energies, health, connection and calmness of mind we begin to heal those we come into contact with. I love the quote “We are all just walking each other home”. It brings me great joy and calm to see others transform and manifest spirit through the breath, surrender and the practise of self awareness. This transforms the soul, mind and body. Nothing is more delicious then releasing decades of tension within the body. This is a journey we can all achieve while manifesting a beautiful sense of calm and peace. The main inspiration for my own practise which overflows into what I teach is the total surrender and love of Jesus Christ, the wisdom of mind in Buddha, Stillness from Eckhart Tolle and the connection of breath and spirit from Dan Brule. I look forward to being with you in class.