High Expectations?

Having high expectations is a great thing however it can also lead to suffering too! 🙂

When we expect something of a person or a situation it means that if you don’t receive what you expect or it doesn’t happen unless you are really conscious and are aware of your thoughts at that time, it leads to disappointment and a feeling of loss.

Whenever we have a loss we all go through a grief process even at the smallest level. So when the cafe doesn’t make your coffee the way you like it, you will actually go through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and then finally acceptance on the smallest level. The more you have these moments of disappointment throughout your day and not realising it, something can happen and then boom, your beautiful spouse receives the collective anguish over something they didn’t do to your standards. If you don’t self manage, it can affect your relationships.

You can see how it is so important to try to remain open minded and free from the expectation of the outcome.
The more you can go into every situation with total 100% acceptance of the outcome, you free yourself from the continual roller coaster of emotions and unhealthy thoughts that put you into a constant grieving pattern.

Next time you find yourself thinking, “I really hope that its going to be this way” when you do this or that thing… see if you can catch yourself and change your thought to…”You never know, I may learn something new as every moment is an opportunity of growth”. Then you can sit back and think how grateful you are for whatever is.

Do you feel lighter and happier? x

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