Ground Yourself

You wake up, the alarm’s ringing, and your mind starts to race, “Am I late? Where do I need to be?”. You start to wake yourself up by scrolling though Facebook. 15 minutes later you realise you are going to be running late, so you quickly get up, shower, get dressed and hustle out the door.

You arrive at work, feeling rushed and already stressed not to mention your back-to-back meetings that have suddenly been moved forward to this morning! You can’t help but feel scattered and anxious. And for some reason, shaking this uneasy feeling is proving to be more difficult than the challenging fitness class you did last night.

It’s a familiar scene, our busy hectic days fly past us and we often don’t realise exactly how anxious and stressed we are until it’s too late.

We’re all kind of like these big walking, talking heads that are growing more distant from our bodies and our immediate experience of this crazy thing we call life.

It’s easy though, isn’t it? To get caught up in the “doing”.  We all want to be as efficient and productive as possible to get everything that we “need” to get done in our hectic days.

The problem is, through this process we become less efficient. 

We make mistakes, we get caught up in our thoughts, our worries and our fears, which ultimately hold us back and prevent us from doing our best.

When we feel this way, ungrounded and caught up in our thoughts it’s like we’re a leaf blowing in the wind: Easy to toss, easy to throw off track, and heavily affected by all of the external circumstances and happenings around it.

So how do we get past this? How do we become LESS stressed and fearful? How do we become MORE productive and MORE effective in our day to day lives?

The most effective and quickest result I’ve had with this personally and with clients is through practicing Grounding.


Sounds simple right? It is.

Here are 3 easy ways you can practice grounding: 

One – Exercise

Especially Yoga, Walking, Running, Pilates but really anything that gets you out of your head and into your body! By simply just taking your attention into your body you immediately distance yourself from your thoughts and allow yourself to come back to where you really are; the present moment.

Pro tip: In a pinch you can even take your attention to the connection of your feet into the earth as you sit at your office desk and this will still help you to feel more grounded and less anxious. It takes 2 seconds to do and it reminds us that we are not our thoughts. Focus on your body to immediately calm down the mind.

Two – Go on a Media Diet

Of course our minds are busy, take a sec to think about how much info we’re putting into them daily; social media is in front of our face constantly, phones, tv, computers, trainings. Try taking 1 day off each week from your phone. I promise you it will be an eye opening experience at the least. It is so much easier to be focused on ourselves, our loved ones and what really matters to us in life when we’re not engrossed into our technology.

Three – Go outside

Ever notice how relaxed you feel when you take a day trip down to the beach or go for a hike with a friend? Getting out of the concrete jungle and surrounding yourself in nature automatically has a soothing, grounding effect on our bodies. It has a quieting effect on our thoughts and helps us to bring perspective into our day to day “busy-ness”.

By Elise Danielle


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