Yin Flow Like Water

  • Whole Body, Head
  • Yoga
  • 45 Minute

This is a gentle and relaxing class which will support the lower back. In Chinese medicine; where the practice Yin originates, the lower back is connected to the kidney & bladder meridian lines. Meridian’s are energy channels in the body which deal with blockages in our ‘chi’ and when blocked they can affect our overall energy and vitality. Blockages in the region of the lower back can be caused by excessive feelings of fear as well as feelings of indecisiveness and insecurity. Through this practice we work to let these feelings go. This class will help reduce feelings of fear while also allowing you to feel lighter and restored in the process. We also welcome in the water element which helps to release these feelings with a sense of flow and ease.

Improve your flexibility increased muscle strength and tone balancing muscular strength on both sides of your body, Giving you an all-round beautifully toned body. This class is also available in our Challenging Yoga Package 40% off, or our Golden Ticket Package all 93 classes 60% off once you purchase either of these packages you will have lifetime access (in your MY CLASSES section).

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