Breath Retention

  • Whole Body, Head
  • Breathwork
  • 15 Minute

This practice will help you to increase your mental clarity and overall well-being. In this class, we focus on breath retention known as ‘Sama Vritti Pranayama’, which is a powerful relaxation tool that can help clear the mind, relax the body & help you to focus. As well as another technique called alternating nostril breath, also known as Nadi Shodana. 

This breath practise will activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which de-stresses the body of stress hormones like cortisol & helps to balance both hemispheres of the brain.

A form of active meditation utilizing breathing techniques. A dynamic body-mind practice using conscious connected breathing techniques for inner peace, enhanced health, wellbeing and personal transformation. This class is also available in our Breathwork Package 40% off, or our Golden Ticket Package all 93 classes 60% off once you purchase either of these packages you will have lifetime access (in your MY CLASSES section).

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