Breathwork Package

Are you a little stressed or feeling tension in your body or mind? This powerful breathwork package has 8 different styles of breathwork classes that will leave you feeling clear, focused, relaxed and walking on clouds. With a beautiful Self Love class thrown in for extra loving. You canto a peaceful state in 15mins so this very handy package has been designed so that you can change your emotional state in a short time. Ready to conquer the world? Save 40% and buy the Breathwork Package.

Click each class below to watch a sample and find out more about each class. Once you have purchased your package you will be able to view all your classes in your “My Classes” section for life. You can do your classes as much as you like.

$160 $96/One Time
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Breath Balancing

ONE BODY8 students

Grateful Rest

ONE BODY6 students

Guided Meditation

ONE BODY8 students

Self Love Talk

ONE BODY4 students

Breath Gym Part 2

ONE BODY2 students

Breath Gym Part 1

ONE BODY2 students

Breath Retention

ONE BODY5 students
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