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Are you a little stressed or feeling tension in your body or mind? This powerful breathwork package has 8 different styles of breathwork classes that will leave you feeling clear, focused, relaxed and walking on clouds. With a beautiful Self Love class thrown in for extra loving. You canto a peaceful state in 15mins so this very handy package has been designed so that you can change your emotional state in a short time. Ready to conquer the world? Save 10% and buy the Breathwork Package. Classes are carefully designed for all levels.

Breathwork relies on the conscious knowledge of your breathing. The practice has been used in meditation and various centring practices. Most people just use shallow breathing, but breathwork allows them to access their full range of breath. If you practice breathwork, you can have a healthier life due to the healing powers of conscious thought.

Receive the following benefits:

  • Breathwork workouts create a calming effect, switching you into your parasympathetic nervous system. Deep relaxation can be created from just 15 minutes and once you learn the techniques you can do it anywhere and everywhere. Change your state quickly and conquer. 🙂
  • Breathwork Workouts can help relieve chronic pain. Deep breathing helps to eliminate pain in your body. The breath helps to create endorphins in your body and realize the carbon dioxide in your body. Endorphins help lower the pH level and create a less acidic body, allowing you to eliminate pain quickly.
  • Breathwork Workouts Improves Sleep. It can be very difficult to quiet your mind because of the stress, activity, and anxiety that build up over a day. You also absorb stimulants throughout the day, such as sugar and caffeine. This can make it difficult to calm down your body. Using breathwork can help quiet your mind and allow you to achieve peaceful rest through calming your nervous system.
  • Breathwork Workouts Increase Energy. It helps you release any built up emotions you are holding onto.
  • Breathwork Workouts help boost your immune system. Deep breathing provides extra energy to your cells. Breathwork allows you to get more oxygen to your cells and help you have more power to work out or go about your day. The energy brought forth in your body can help you be more active, helping you eliminate some high-risk diseases and prompt a more healthy lifestyle.
  • Breathwork Workouts Help with Digestion Process. You can feel overly full and bloated after eating, especially if you have eaten more than you should. You may even feel sick and constipated. But breathwork can help you feel better and improve your digestion. Taking a deep breath helps to create more oxygen in your bloodstream, allowing blood to go to the most needed places.
  • Breathwork Workouts Release Trauma and Fear. These unprocessed emotions can take a toll on the body and block your energy levels. It is not easy to dislodge these emotions from the body when faced with moments that create fear and regressions to trauma moments. Breathing and focusing inward can help you calm yourself and work through these emotions and maintain energy.
  • Breathwork Workouts Strengthen Your Lungs. One of the most specific benefits to gain from breathwork is that you will strengthen your lungs. Your lungs will expand and contract to breathe, and they are one giant muscle. The muscle will only grow and get better if you strengthen it.

Click each class below to watch a sample and find out more about each class. Once you have purchased your package you will be able to view all your classes in your “My Classes” section for life. You can do your classes as much as you like.

PLEASE NOTE: One Package can be purchased at a time so that all your classes in that package will be allocated into your my classes section. You can then proceed to purchase another package in a separate transaction.

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Breath Balancing

ONE BODY10 students

Grateful Rest

ONE BODY7 students

Guided Meditation

ONE BODY10 students

Self Love Talk

ONE BODY5 students

Breath Gym Part 2

ONE BODY3 students

Breath Gym Part 1

ONE BODY3 students

Breath Retention

ONE BODY6 students
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