Be Here Now

Be here now doesn’t necessarily mean be anywhere in particular. It means that wherever you are, be there!

It is so easy to drift away, wherever your mind takes you however you are continually missing out on the beauty of the present moment (in which you will never get back again).

Here are 3 practical exercises to help you become present in every moment so that you can experience the freedom and space that every moment brings, wherever you are.


ONE Ask yourself, “Just wondering what my next thought will be?”

Doing this, will create space in your mind and you will then notice when you look around you feel more clearer and more present. You will find a thought doesn’t come and in this moment you will be free from thought. How refreshing!


TWO We will have 1000’s of thoughts every day. A lot of them are on auto repeat. They do serve a purpose (write them down if they are useful so you don’t forget them), however when they become futile (a thought that makes you feel terrible or what you would perceive as a negative emotion  you want to stop it in it’s tracks. You are not your thoughts and you can’t control your thoughts, but you can choose to entertain them or move on to better ones that make you feel great.


Ask yourself, “Is this a futile thought? If the answer is yes. Say “Stopping it right now”. Then start to notice any sensations in your body so that you can come back to your body and become more grounded in the present moment. Notice your hands, how do they feel? Notice your legs, how do they feel? Notice any tension in your shoulders, shrug your shoulders up and down a few times. Breath in for 4 and out for 6, though paying attention to the air that is filling your stomach in time rather than your throat or counting.

How do you feel now? More alive and more present?


THREE Do a yoga or pilates class. The beauty about this gentle however challenging exercise is that it forces you to focus on your body because if don’t it may end up in your face planting your mat! 🙂 It is a wonderful break from your mind and will leave you feeling SO spacious. Ask yourself “How will I feel after my one hour investment into coming back into my body?

If the answer is “Amazing” then get your lycra on, set up your mat and login to your One Body My Classes with no hesitation. Think to yourself that this is the best thing you can do for yourself right now and feel gratitude for YOU!



The more you can become connected with your body in each moment, the easier it is to become present and free from futile re-occurring thoughts that don’t serve you. It is a life long practice however it does get easier. The more you catch yourself in futile thought and the more you do practices that get you back into your body and out of your mind you will experience greater mental health, physical health and greater wellbeing.



Peace out Beautiful One! x

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