Toning Barre Package

Do you absolutely love feeling tight and toned? Barre will heighten your posture, and make you walk with a beautiful composure. We have 14 toning classes in this delicious package that will do the trick. Save 10% and buy the Toning Barre Package. All classes are designed for all levels.

Get your heart rate up with mindful barre exercise sessions (no barre required!) This beautiful range of sessions has dance inspired classes as well as more Pilates strong movements. Whether you’ve spent years dancing or have 2 left feet, there are a range of options that can help you tone, work on agility and help you feel confident in your movement.

Receive the following benefits:

  • Barre is a total body workout, building strength through isometric holds, which require your muscles to remain tense or constantly contracted without changing the length.
  • ¬†Barre workouts are considered low-impact, which means they put less stress on your body, which reduces the risk of injury.
  • Barre Workouts Improve Posture, Balance, and Coordination, building better body awareness.
  • Barre Workouts Increase Flexibility, allowing you to have a great range of motion, stay mobile, and to participate in every day activities.
  • ¬†Barre Workouts Enhance the Mind-Body Connection and our One Body classes give excellent alignment cues to make sure you are practicing safe and in good alignment.

Click each class below to watch a sample and find out more about each class. Once you have purchased your package you will be able to view all your classes in your “My Classes” section for life. You can do your classes as much as you like.

PLEASE NOTE: One Package can be purchased at a time so that all your classes in that package will be allocated into your my classes section. You can then proceed to purchase another package in a separate transaction.

$280 $252/One Time
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Barre Stretch

ONE BODY6 students

Thigh Sizzler

ONE BODY5 students

Ballet Body

ONE BODY12 students

Barre Butt Lifter

ONE BODY4 students

Barre Lengthening

ONE BODY5 students

Full Body Barre

ONE BODY6 students

Barre Booty

ONE BODY5 students

Full Body Burner

ONE BODY20 students

Ballet Burn

ONE BODY5 students

Barre Leg Burner

ONE BODY4 students

Stretch and Flow

ONE BODY3 students

Legs Burn Out

ONE BODY7 students
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